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New Graduate Nursing

We’re thrilled you may be considering our new graduate nursing programme.

We offer you:

  • We're growing our nursing workforce at Auckland DHB.

  • Unparalleled professional development as we are the largest teaching hospital, only specialist children’s hospital and largest clinical research facility in New Zealand.

  • We're home to 19 specialist services treating patients from within our district as well as across New Zealand.

  • We offer new graduate nurses a permanent role within their chosen department and a structured ten month program, with a wide variety of work place options in the following specialities; 

        • Adult Health: Aged Residential Care, Cancer and Blood, Cardiac Care (coronary care), Cardiothoracic and Vascular, District Nursing, Emergency and Trauma, Intensive Care and High Dependency, Medical, Perioperative, Primary Health Care, Public Health Nursing, Reablement, Surgical and Women's Health.
        • Child Health: Cancer and Blood, Cardiac, Children's Emergency, Community Child Health, Medical, Neonates (NICU), Paediatric Intensive Care, Orthopaedics and Surgical.
  • Provide on-going professional development and support.

  • Nurse educators based on every ward, who’s role is promoting, facilitating and providing training and education to maximise health care delivery, enhance patient outcomes, and promote clinical excellence and evidenced-based professional nursing practice.

  • We encourage and support continuation of postgrad study.

  • Quality preceptorship.

  • PDRP (Professional Development Recognition Program) progression.

  • Salaries in line with Step 1 NZNO MECA

  • 12 days paid study leave and post grad papers 

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Nau mai haera mai e ngā neehi Māori.

Auckland DHB is proud to recruit Māori new graduate nurses from all over Auckland and all over Aotearoa/New Zealand. We need your strengths to improve Māori health in our whānau and communities.

At Auckland DHB, we provide specialised support for your new graduate year led by our Māori Nurse Educator Aroha Waaka, Di McGregor Māori Clinical Nurse Director and other senior Māori nurses in our DHB. We will continue to support your career and aspirations in any of our fantastic specialties such as mental health and addictions, child health, community, oncology or intensive care.

Pacific New Graduate Nurses

Pacific cultural identity and Pacific values are vital to the success of our Pacific new graduate nurses. Cultural development activities and mentoring are important in supporting our Pacific new graduates in their growth and career aspirations at Auckland DHB serving our families and communities.

Contact: Augustina (Tina) Reid

New Grad RN vcb Pacific

Auckland District Health Board offers both Nurse Entry to Practice (NETP) and New Entry to Specialist Practice (NESP) graduate training programmes for the new graduate nurses coming via the National ACE nursing process. We offer three intakes per year.

Every year Auckland DHB recruits approximately:
- 120 NETP positions
- 30 NESP positions

This is a great place to launch your nursing career giving you the opportunity for you to do your life’s best work.

Our Programme

Nurse Entry to Practice

Nurses and midwives are at the heart of the healthcare sector. We make up more than 3,480 full-time positions at Auckland DHB and are the largest workforce our organisation employs.

Auckland DHB recruits new graduates from nursing schools all over New Zealand. Beginning your nursing journey with us will provide you unparalleled opportunities for growing your careers that are not available elsewhere.

Our Nurse Entry to Practice program covers:

Clinical practice acquired whilst working clinically within the Registered Nurses scope of practice in your chosen practice setting.

Preceptorship: each new grad nurse is allocated a dedicated preceptor who will provide teaching and coaching throughout your entire programme.

Academic component: whilst gaining clinical practical experience, the new graduate will be able to undertake a 30 pt post graduate paper that supports their clinical development as a new graduate nurse.

We have a wide variety of specialisms and areas you can choose from for your work place options in both Child Health and Adult Health.

Please feel free to contact our NETP Coordinators if you have any questions relating to our NETP programme. Lorelle Bobsien and Rachel Philips

Mental Health and Addictions

New Entry to Specialist Practice

Graduate nurses wanting to practice in Mental Health, can join through New Entry to Speciality Practice (NESP).

Intake dates: The NESP program takes new graduates in February and September

Length of program: Just as with NetP, both our programs are 10 months. After successful completion of the program graduates remain working with Auckland DHB as a permanent registered nurse

Clinical Practice: Graduates are employed into permanent positions to a practice setting in the community or inpatient areas. During their new graduate year they will have an extensive 3-4 week orientation and have the opportunity to spend some time at another area to gain experience to complement their practice

Academic competent: During the 10 month NESP program the graduates will complete two post grad papers through the University of Auckland to complete a Post Grad certificate in Mental Health. This will include 16 paid university days and professional supervision

Preceptorship- remains the same and there is cultural support for Maori and Pacific new grads

All nursing graduates need to apply via ACE ( for further information including application opening dates and eligibility requirements, take a look at their website.

Please feel free to contact our NESP Coordinator if you have any questions relating to our NESP programme. Emily O’Connor