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Occupational Health

Pre-Employment Health Screening – only applicable to candidates offered a position

If you are made a conditional offer of employment with Auckland DHB, we need to know about any disabilities or health conditions that may affect you.  This is so that in your new post, where appropriate, we can advise your manager of any support needs you may have and how these can be provided for.  

We also need to ask about conditions that could pose risks to patients so that we can assess these and consider how any risk can be avoided whilst assisting you in carrying out your role with Auckland DHB successfully. This can be achieved with most health problems and disabilities.

If you are offered a position, and therefore a prospective employee of Auckland DHB, you must provide relevant information to the Occupational Health Service. Failure to disclose information about a physical or mental health problem that could affect patient safety would be a breach of this duty that could result in your offer being withdrawn (or if this comes to light after you have commenced employment, disciplinary action).

Managing immunity and/or protection forms another essential part of our health and safety responsibilities for workers and patients. Appropriate immunisation will help protect the worker and patients from acquiring a vaccine-preventable disease. With specific reference to Covid-19, all positions at Auckland DHB require workers to be fully vaccinated and confirmation of this will be part of the Occupational health process.

The purpose of immunisation is:

  • To protect workers from any occupational risk of contracting a communicable disease that is preventable by immunisation.
  • To protect patients and colleagues from acquiring vaccine-preventable diseases from infected co-workers.

If the role you have applied for can only be carried out by appropriately immunised workers, Occupational Health will verify that you have had the appropriate immunisations only after you have received an offer and provided information to the Occupational Health Service. If we are unable to verify your immunity status, your offer of employment may be withdrawn. 

The information provided as part of your pre-employment health screening will be retained by the Occupational Health Service and will be held on a secure database and will not be used for any other purpose without your consent. Please note some information may be shared for statistical purposes only, which will not identify individuals.

Your manager will only be informed of the effects of a health problem or disability, if relevant to your needs or patient safety, and recommendations on support or adjustments that could assist you.

If you are offered a role where vaccination is required, then supplying us with evidence of vaccinations or immunity status promptly will help the screening process. 

If you declare any condition which may require support, or affect fitness for work with patients, a member of the Occupational Health Team will contact you for further information. 


Pre-Employment Health Screening – Preferred Candidates

In some cases where we need to adopt what we refer to as a “fast track” recruitment process, we may invite preferred candidates to complete pre-employment screening before a formal conditional offer is  made in order to speed up the process. Completing screening at this point is not compulsory and totally at the discretion of the candidate. Any information provided is held in a secure database and if an offer of employment does not eventuate, the information provided is destroyed/deleted.