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Our American Psychiatrists talk on camera about their professional and lifestyle experiences in NZ.
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Adele Wakeham

Adele Wakeham, Service Manager Mental Health

I trained as a nurse in New Zealand, then worked and lived in central London for 17 years, finally making the decision to return home at the end of 2002.

I have settled back into Auckland with my English husband and son and have grown accustomed to the easier pace of life. I love it that your groceries get packed for you and the Auckland rush hour is nothing compared to the North Circular or the M25! Plus - you are never too far away from feeling the sand between your toes.

Being at ADHB is always busy and often challenging but I am proud to be part of a superb mental health service that continually strives to do better for our clients. We are well supported at a senior level and this has a positive knock-on effect to the services. A "can do" attitude prevails and there are ample opportunities for development at all levels from buddying to ongoing training.

AshokDr Ashok Malur, Consultant Psychiatrist and Lead Clinician, Manaaki House, a Community Mental Health Centre

I came to work for ADHB in August 2000 and have stayed put here since. A combination of a good clinical working environment supported by an efficient administration has ensured that the staff turn over remains low.

The relationship between community and inpatient teams is fairly cordial. There is a good level of interaction between the various departments within mental health viz Liaison, Child Psychiatry, Psycho- Geriatrics and General Adult psychiatry.

There is a good degree of academic emphasis as well with regular Grand Rounds, Peer group meetings, Journal clubs and training programmes.

No good system can be without problems and ADHB is no different. However, we can air our grievances openly and rest assured that they will be addressed in an efficient and timely fashion.ADHB has a good ethnic mix in terms of the client population and staffing. This makes working here an educative, enriching, at times challenging but a wholly satisfying experience!!

On the whole, this is a good place with good people and a good future.

JulieJudith Hopkins, Registered Mental Health Nurse, ADHB Bureau

From: Wales
14 years as a Mental Health Registered Nurse

“I originally came to New Zealand for a working holiday as I wanted to gain experience working in another country.

I joined the ADHB Bureau to have the flexibility to work and take time out to travel.  I have been able to have a wide variety of assignments and have met an amazing bunch of people. This week I am heading off to the Bay of Islands, then it will be back to work and planning for my next trip”.

James Folorunsho, Health Care Assistant

From: Nigeria
8 years

I joined A+ Bureau in 2001, I could not express how much I appreciate the decision to join bureau.  Since I started with A+ Bureau I’m enjoying every opportunity I get to work. 

The A+ Bureau placement co-ordinator staff, and all their efforts to make sure I get the shift I want, their friendly approach over the phone is marvellous.  I’ve never met some of them physically.  Bureau work is great for the fact that the flexibility is great.  I am able to choose any shift I want to suit my family needs.  I’m able to choose the days I want with bureau work, I have been able to gain a lot of experience due to the fact I work in different wards. 

Working with A+ bureau also gives me a lot of opportunity to meet people, and I’m enjoying working with patients in different wards.  Conclusively, people ask me if I am getting enough work with Bureau and my answer is always “yes” and I always say it all depends on how much I make my self available to work and that I am ever ready to go to anywhere they send me. 

Whoever is considering working with A+ Bureau should work on it, because there is no regret working with A+ Bureau.

Sally Floyd, Midwife

From: Auckland

Experience:  Registered as a Nurse in 1985,  Registered as a Midwife in 1992 

I have been working as a midwife for 15 years and for the last 3.5 years I have been on the ADHB Nursing and Midwifery Bureau. 

I have two young children so bureau work provides me with the flexibility to choose the shifts I want to work and when I want to work them.  I also get to choose the area that I prefer to work in.  I can have school holidays off and also get some paid study days.  I feel part of the core staff but have the flexibility to work around my family commitments.

Shakira Camp, Nurse Educator, Reablement Services

Experience:  I started my Nursing career as a New Graduate Nurse at Auckland City Hospital and am still currently working here. I was a New Gradate Nurse from AUT who chose ADHB as my preferred place to work and was ecstatic when I was offered a place on the Nurse Entry to Practice (NETP) Programme in September 2014. After completing my NETP programme successfully, I decided to continue working within Reablement Services to further enhance my knowledge and skills and steadily take on more responsibilities. I am now working as a Clinical Nurse Educator within Reablement Services, which was a Nursing role that I had aspired to since I was a student nurse. Having gone through the NETP programme myself, I am a strong advocate for New Graduates and the Nurses who take on the role of Preceptors during that essential first year.

Every day I work with other Nurses, patients and families to enhance their quality of life alongside an incredible team of passionate, innovative and inspiring colleagues. The work that we do each and every day is meaningful, courageous and stands as a strong reminder for why I decided to become a Nurse to begin with.