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Nursing with added flexibility, reliability and choice!

Whether you’re looking for short term work options, keen to develop a range of experience, or simply like the flexibility of easily fitting work around your other commitments in life, ADHB Bureau is the ideal option.

  • Enjoy job satisfaction without long term commitment.
  • Experience professional development and continual support.
  • Work at one of New Zealand's most prestigious health boards, in friendly, close-knit teams.

As a registered health care professional your talents are in big demand, not just throughout New Zealand, but internationally. We appreciate that when you’re looking for flexible working hours, there are many agencies out there vying for your attention.

So why work for us?

For a start, whether you're a registered nurse, midwife, health care or psychiatric assistant, we have a range of shifts waiting for you. What's more, we take the fuss out of finding the work you want, where and when you want it.

Here’s how...

  • You’re our priority.
    When ADHB needs extra health care staff, ADHB Bureau employees are always used before any other nursing agency staff. We also rarely cancel assignments, so you know where you are with ADHB Bureau.
  • Get the hours you want
    Whatever your other commitments – family, study or just a busy life– we'll work towards giving you the hours you ask for plus a competitive rate of pay. What's more, we'll work towards getting you block bookings if you want them, so you may work on one particular assignment for a month or more.
  • Work in the centre of Auckland
    All our sites are in central Auckland, so are easy to get to – and we even offer a free staff shuttle bus between some of our facilities and free parking areas. You'll join close-knit teams so you will soon get to know other staff. What's more, we use some of the world's most state-of-the-art medical equipment which will further enhance your knowledge and experience.
  • We focus on your development
    ADHB is renowned for its wide range of challenging cases and the world-class clinicians we employ. We take pride in developing your professional potential with paid study leave, and courses to ensure compliance. So when you join us, expect to up skill, develop a fantastic reputation and get to know some of the best health care professionals in the business.


Don't just take our word for it. We’ve asked some ADHB Bureau staff what they like most about working for us...

Want to know more about what ADHB Bureau can do for you? Call the Careers Centre on +64 9 630 9900 or free phone 0800 733 968